Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Where are the flights?

The seaplane (Piper Cub on Floats 2 seats) is based on Candlewood Lake.
The Piper Cub on Wheels, 2 seats, is based at N41, Waterbury Airport (Grass Airport)
The 4 Seat Cessna's are based at Arrow Aviation DXR, Danbury Airport.
2.     Tell me about your pilots.  Are they safe and experienced?

All of our pilots are FAA-certified flight instructors who hold at least a Commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating. They each have many, many hours of flight experience in a variety of different aircraft.  All instructors fly on a regular basis, have outstanding safety records, and significant experience practicing and teaching correct operational, safety and emergency procedures.
3.   Are introductory flights only for people who want to learn how to fly?  

Although your pilot is a flight instructor and we are in the flight training business If you just want to sit back take pictures,  relax, and enjoy the ride please be our guest!
4.  Can I take another passenger with me?

Yes.  Be sure to mention this when you book your introductory flight.
5.    Will the instructor let me fly the plane?

Yes! Once you depart the airport vicinity and are taken to a safe altitude by the instructor, he or she can show you how to perform basic maneuvers and let you handle the controls.  Please talk to the instructor beforehand.  If you do not wish to handle the controls, you are by no means obligated to do so.
6.    What should I do if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?

It is a good idea to call us a few hours in advance to confirm that your flight is still on as scheduled: (203) 895-1204  If your flight is cancelled due to weather, your flight can always be rebooked for a later date with no fees or penalties.  Last minute weather cancellations are sometimes necessary, although we try to provide you with as much advance notice as possible.
7.    Can we fly longer than a half hour or hour?

Yes.  You can extend your flight. They are charged at regular aircraft rental and flight instruction rates.  Please call for more details.
8.    Can we fly over my house?

We try to accommodate special requests whenever possible.  Our ability to do this depends on the noise-sensitivity of the location in question, safety issues, traffic conditions, and air traffic control restrictions.  If the instructor determines that all criteria are met, he or she will usually be happy to oblige.  If you are doing aerial photography, please specify your needs when you call to book.
9.     Does the introductory flight come with any hidden fees or obligations?

No.  The introductory price includes gas, oil, maintenance fees, the instructor, and all applicable taxes.  There are absolutely no future obligations.