If other than a multi-all day training event, we collect payment after the training. Once we schedule a multi-day training event like a seaplane rating we normally collect a $300 deposit. If for some reason circumstances change and you cannot start training we are happy to refund deposit, we just ask that you give us as much lead time as possible. Once we schedule, we send you the course material to study and the plane, instructor and examiner are removed as available from the schedule for those days. We will normally collect the balance of course fee at the end of the first day of training. If more training is required in addition to the regular course, we usually collect the course price at the end of the first day and collect the balance at the completion of course. Traditionally, most flight training is scheduled for two hour slots and late cancellations are not a big issue. Multi day training events are very hard to fill on short notice and we ask that when you schedule these that you understand that it is important to give us as much time as possible if you need to adjust your schedule. Weather, maintenance, health etc. obviously are events we need to work around. Our priority is to safely finish your training on time and on budget. No shows on multi day training events are billed the course price and we hope to reschedule you another time.