ASES Rating

$1,799 in Cub ------ $2,699 in Husky

Single engine sea rating or Light Sport priveleges will take a minimum of two days in our beautifully restored 1946 J3 cub on strait floats or our new 2015 Husky on amphibious floats. For the average current land pilot this rating will involve about 5 hours of flight training and 1 hour for your checkride. We will advise you early in the training if more time will be required. Training will begin with detailed ground school and pre-flight. The flight training will consist of basic air work, including slow flight and stalls, normal take offs and landings from water, plus advanced maneuvers such as rough water and glassy water techniques and sailing. All training will be done to the practical FAA test standards for seaplane. Price includes airplane, instructor and check ride fee. A sport pilot proficiency check can be conducted after the training at no extra charge, giving you PIC privileges for light sport ASES airplanes such as the Cub. If you wish to add ASES to your private or commercial certificate the FAA Examiner fee is included in the price.

Tailwheel Endorsment $1200

If you're looking to put some fun and excitement back into your flying, a tailwheel endorsement is a great way. A tailwheel endorsement will increase your skill level no matter what you fly. Not only is it unparalleled fun and excitement, but it will make you a better pilot. For a tailwheel trainer we use our beautifull 1946 J-3/L-4. Most students checkout in about 6 hours. Less with prior experience and can usually be done in a day or two. We will advise early in the training if more time will be required. Good time to get your BFR and will be included in the price.  We put Skis on the Cub when the snow is right. If you think the conditions are right give us a call!!


Light Sport Training

If you're looking for a Sport Pilot Certificate, you came to the right place. The certificate is generally easier and less expensive to earn than the Private Pilot Certificate.

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